Building Biology Assessments and Inspections

Building Biology assessments and inspections can help you reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous airborne contaminants. Healthy Building Science offers environmental testing and expert industrial hygiene services to commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, schools, and homes. 

These inspections are performed by building biologists who specialize in mould and environmental health. Building biologists can help identify potential health hazards and mould issues, and can also provide practical solutions to improve the indoor environment. Building biology assessments and inspections are different from other protocols in that they evaluate more indoor pollutants. Building biologists are experienced in all types of buildings, not just homes. They have the necessary training to perform comprehensive assessments on a wide variety of building types.

Building Biologists are trained and certified to perform indoor environmental health assessments. They use precision scientific instruments and well-established testing protocols to identify potential environmental problems. Building biologists are not required to report any issues, but they can help you understand whether or not your building is contributing to a health risk. Building biologists can also perform tests to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Building biology home inspectors are certified to evaluate the health risks in your home and provide you with remediation recommendations. They are trained in the field of building biology and ecology. They are able to identify hazardous air pollutants and lead and mold and can also direct you to the proper remediation. They are also equipped to assess any issues of special concern.

Building Biology Assessments and Inspections are a great way to protect yourself from potential health risks. These assessments identify particulates, allergens, and toxicants that can cause illness. They also detect mould and moisture issues in homes and buildings. They’re recommended alongside a Building and Pest Inspection.

Building Biologists use a holistic health approach, advanced environmental training, and high-tech equipment to examine buildings and sites for human health. This helps ensure that dwellings are safe, healthy, and life-enhancing. They use a checklist to look for potential health hazards and assess whether a site is safe for human habitation.

Building Biologists are specially trained and certified in environmental health, and use precision scientific instruments to detect a wide range of environmental problems. They are not required to report the results, but they can provide a comprehensive report on the potential health risks posed by a building. Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists are also specially trained in detecting and mitigating man-made electromagnetic radiation. They are licensed to perform Building Biology Assessments and Inspections.

Whether selling a home or preparing for a real estate transaction, a building biologist will conduct a thorough environmental assessment to identify potential health hazards and mold problems. They will also make practical recommendations to improve the indoor environment. Unlike other inspection protocols, Building Biology assessments and inspections evaluate a wider range of indoor pollutants than the typical home inspection.

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